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Regina Cogswell

I would like to take the opportunity to "thank you" for being such a dependable and honest Veterinarian. You and your staff go the extra mile. When I had an emergency with my cat Peaches, you were at my house in less than an hour and Mila from your staff literally came to the rescue at my home and waited for Dr. Polonsky to arrive. Mila diffused a dangerous situation and is very dedicated. Julie also is sweet and has a special way with the animals, she does her best to schedule appointments as soon as possible .... I would not go anywhere else after seeing first hand the care and consideration you and your staff have for our animals and us "the owners". Thank you and much continued success in the future. Sincerely, Regina Cogswell (owner of Princess and Rex)


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Dr. Polonskiy has been caring for my Yorkshire Terrier Vicky since she was a puppy. He has always been a great and caring vet, giving us the right treatment and advice whatever the situation. Plus he comes to our home in most situations, which is not only more convenient for us, but also less stressful for our dog. We highly recommend Dr. Polonskiy.

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Galina Dubinkina

Dr. Polonskiy is a great doctor. My pets - Martin and Gucci. They are so beautiful and healthy, because they were treated by Dr. Nahum Polonsky for which the distance is not a barrier. He is charming and gentle. Julie is a grate assistant. The doctor has great professionalism and a kind soul to our younger brothers. Once, in the middle of the night my gorgeous Gucci got very sick (unable to urinate). I called my vet.Dr. Polonsky and he came down immediately and saved my Gucci.

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It is always a pleasure to bring my pet to this office. Dr. Polonskiy is always on target, compassionate, knows exactly what needs to be done. I am forever grateful and I finally found the right vet and this is where I will stay.

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Yekarerina Marutova

My lovely dog Fandy is 10 yrs old and was diagnosed with severe heart disease. Thanks to Dr.Polonskiy a his staff, she is still alive and make my family and me happy.

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I took my 5 year old risque yesterday and they were able to fit me in. The staff treated my little guy like gold. I cannot express how much I appreciate the practice that treats my furry children like family. Dr. Polonskiy is practical and empathetic.

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